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Common FAQ for reports

Why do I have more responded readers than total readers?

If you created a survey action above any access wall, then any visitor may respond to the survey. This is recorded as "guest" in your response table. When this happens, you can have more responded readers than total readers. If you want to only have registered readers respond, then make sure that surveys are only available after an access wall.

Can someone respond more than once?

Generally no. If a reader is logged in then we prevent double submission. If you have a survey available to the public with no access walls, then we use other methods to try to prevent double submission. However, because the reader is not authenticated, they may revisit your page (for example, with a different device) and potentially submit again.

If I remove a survey, will I be able to see it in my reports?

By default, we only show active surveys in response reports. If you are looking for a deleted survey, then you can download your responses where they will still be available.

When are page views calculated?

Page views are recalculated every 24 hours.