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Common FAQ for editor functions

How to add an action

Actions will insert at your active cursor location in the editor by default. If you do not see a blinking cursor, then your cursor is not currently active. Click in the editor to place your cursor where you want and then click on the action from the panel to insert.

How to edit an action

Click on the action in the editor and an edit button will show up.

How to undo something

To undo, press cmd+z on Mac or ctrl+z on PC.

How to copy/paste something

To copy and paste, press cmd+c / cmd+v on Mac or ctrl+c / ctrl+v on PC.

How to save

Your content is automatically saved as you type. If you want to do a manual save, press cmd+s on Mac or ctrl+s on PC.

How to paste an image from another source

Right click on the image in your browser and select 'copy image address'. Place your cursor in your editor and paste with cmd+v on Mac or ctrl+v on PC. Alternatively, you can click the image button in the toolbar and paste the image address there.