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Common FAQ for managing access

How do I edit my access wall?

  • On your dashboard, click on the space you want to edit
  • Click on "settings" on the left hand side
  • Then click on the access tab.

From here, you can modify what information you want to collect for your access walls and set a price, if applicable.

How do I get paid?

Lumenful partners with Stripe to provide payouts for your sales. In order to enable paid access, you will first create or connect a Stripe account. You will then recieve the proceeds from your successful sales, net of the transaction fees.

If you created a new Stripe account, you will receive your first payout in 7 days, then on a daily rolling basis by default. You can change your payout schedule in your Stripe dashboard.

How do I personalize my Checkout page?

You can customize the look and feel of Checkout in the brand settings section of your Stripe Dashboard. From here, you can upload a logo and customize your colors.

How can I add a coupon?

To add a coupon:

  • go to your Stripe dashboard
  • click on products, then coupons
  • create a coupon like "10% off"
  • create a promotion code and specify your preferences

That's it! Your promotion code is now ready to use and can be shared with your potential customers. Your customers can enter this code at checkout when they pay for access to your space.

Can a registered reader become a paid reader?

Yes, a registered reader can convert to a paid reader by simply entering their email and completing a purchase just like any other reader. Lumenful will automatically update their paid status.

How do I issue refunds?

You determine your own refund policy, although Lumenful may monitor refund requests for quality. If you receive too many refund requests, your account may be reviewed. When you issue a refund, you can determine the amount and if you also want to revoke access. Any transaction fees to process the initial charge will not be refunded.

To issue a refund:

  • go to your Stripe dashboard
  • go to payments and select the transaction
  • click on refund

This will issue a refund to your customer. It will not automatically remove the user from your space.

If you wish also revoke access to your content:

  • go to your Lumenful dashboard
  • select the relevant space
  • go to audience
  • select the user and click on the menu button and select remove

This will remove the user from your space and revoke any walled access.

Disconnect your Stripe account

To disconnect your Stripe account, follow these instructions. If you disconnect your account, payouts for all spaces will be disabled. You can re-enable them by connecting another Stripe account.