Torch Build


Setup application, apply styling, and implement basic authentication



What we're building

We'll be building Torch, a product that helps users achieve their goals! To get more context, you can read the product case that this tutorial is for. It's not mandatory, but it will give you a lot of background on what we're trying to build.

What you'll learn

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you:

  • basic concepts of app development: this is particularly useful if you're non-technical but want to learn how to build products
  • give you a portfolio piece: if you're brand new to product and complete this tutorial, you'll have a portfolio piece that you can point at to showcase your product skills

Get Bubble

We will be using Bubble to build our application. Bubble is a visual programming tool that runs in the browser. It’s free to create an account. 

  • Go to Bubble
  • Create an account

Create a New App

  • Bootstrap a new Bubble app.
  • Click on the “new app” button
  • Name your app
  • Click  “create a new app”

Build 1: Styling & Authentication

  • Apply design styles
  • Create the landing page
  • Sign up and login flow

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