No One Knows Anything About Love

No One Knows anything About Love!

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What you need to understand. The human brain's Frontal Lobe isn't fully developed until the age of twenty-eight. Just as its name indicates, it's the forward-most area of your brain. The frontal lobe is home to sites that manage thinking, emotions, personality, judgment, self-control, memory storage, and more.

From childhood to your late twenties, the frontal lobe continues to grow as you exercise your ability to think, create emotions, create your personality, judge, handle self-control, take in memories to store, and much more. Until the Frontal Lobe is fully developed, young people go through many relationship heartaches in their teens and twenties. It is also why most people are more cautious after so much relationship trauma in their youth, which is entirely stored in their memories.

Unfortunately, from 18 to 27, dating for a serious relationship today requires using online Dating Apps, which cause more harm than good. Helicopter parenting causes immaturity in young adults, so they can't handle serious relationships. Also, the human race is ignorant of how love works after the attraction stage. They only understand the feelings it has on them.

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