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Guide for the Canon Printer Error e04


Are you suffering from Canon printer error e04? And looking for a solution to fix Canon printer error e04. Canon printers are known for printing feasibly compared to other brands. It is arguably best for photo printing and also provides better color page yield.

The functions of the printer are to print documents and pictures, publish documents, images, or pictures, and make replicas of documents. Canon printers produce excellent quality photos and look incredibly detailed, vibrant, and color-accurate, with no banding or other artifacts. 

It is very frustrating when you are printing something and suddenly an error e04 on Canon printer appears. There are many reasons that can lead to this Canon printer error e04.

But before finding the solution to any problem, it is necessary to get familiar with the problem. This is curable and you can easily fix it, just by following some simple steps. So, do not get upset when this error appears on the Canon printer screen.

What is error e04 on Canon printer?

Canon printer error e04 occurs when the fine ink cartridge isn’t installed properly. In this, install or replace the fine ink cartridge.

To do this, open the paper output cover and push the ink cartridge lock lever in the upward direction to make sure that the cartridge is installed properly. And then place back the paper output cover.

What are the reasons that can lead to Canon printer error e04?

If your printer is displaying a Canon printer error e04. The following are the reasons that can lead to error e04 on Canon printer. 

  • The printer fails to recognize the ink cartridges.

  • Excess ink and dirt on the cartridges may prevent them from printing.

  • The cartridge is not installed properly in the printer.

  • When the cartridges are remanufactured.

Methods to fix Canon printer error e04:

This error occurs when the printer is not able to recognize one or more cartridges. Once you get to know the root of the problem, then you can easily find a simple and effective solution.

This error is described as “the fine cartridge cannot be recognized” on the official text of the Canon printer. Follow the below methods to resolve error e04 on the Canon printer: 

  • Take out the cartridge from the printer.

  • Turn the printer off by pressing the power button on the printer.

  • Do not take out the power cord from the wall outlet.

  • Check the label of the cartridge just to make sure that you have installed the correct cartridge.

  • Then clean the contacts of the cartridge by using kitchen tissue or non-fibrous tissue.

  • After this turn the printer on by pressing the power button on the printer.

  • Lastly, install the cartridge again, and ensure that you place it in the correct color section of the cradle.

  • From now on the cartridge will be recognized by your printer and you will be able to print.

If the “the fine cartridge cannot be recognized” message is still there, then it indicates that the cartridge is damaged or defective. In this, the only option remains i.e., replace the cartridge.

And if you are facing the error e04 on Canon printer, even after replacing the ink cartridges multiple times, then this might be because the printer becomes obscured or damaged. But this can be fixed easily, just by removing the cartridge from the printer.

Or by cleaning the printer with the same type of tissue. Also, make sure that you do not leave behind pieces of tissue while cleaning the printer. 

Sum up

If you are struggling with the Canon printer error e04, then this might be because the ink cartridge is not installed properly.

Follow these above methods step by step and certainly, you will be able to Canon printer error e04. If your ink cartridge is not installed properly then there is a possibility that you might face error e04 on Canon printer.

But if you are still unable to fix this then get in touch with experts, or might need to bring your printer to the workshop for repair.

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