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The Art of Floral Giving


In the tapestry of human expression, few gestures are as timeless and universally understood as the giving of flowers. This delicate dance of nature and sentiment traces back to the ornate tombs of ancient Egypt, where blooms were not merely decorations but sacred offerings to the departed. Fast forward to the laurel-crowned victors of Greece and the love-struck Romans, flowers have long been emblems of emotion and status.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the language of flowers began to take root, blossoming fully in the Victorian era with a complex floriography, often inspired by the Turkish “Selam.” Lady Mary Wortley Montague, with her lyrical accounts, introduced this botanical lexicon to the English elite, encoding messages within petals and stems.

At Lovely Roses, we pay homage to these traditions, curating bouquets that whisper the unspoken words of the heart.

Weddings to Wreaths: The Flower's Journey

A bridal bouquet, beyond its beauty, is a vessel of personal narrative—a botanical companion that accents the bride's attire with whispers of love, joy, and fidelity. Roses reign supreme, but peonies and lilies offer their own stories of wealth, purity, and new beginnings.

In somber contrast, funeral flowers provide solace, a visual eulogy that speaks of grief, remembrance, and the fleeting nature of life. Chrysanthemums and lilies stand as sentinels of joy and rebirth, comforting in times of farewell.

Event flowers, meanwhile, must be the chameleons of the floral world—appealing to all without overpowering. Roses, tulips, and orchids are the diplomats here, charming with their subtle hues and scents.

Celebratory blooms mark life's milestones—from Mother's Day to anniversaries—each petal and color telling its own tale. Red roses for ardor, tulips for happiness, and anemones for luck, every bouquet from "Lovely Roses" is a crafted symphony of tradition and affection.

Inside Lovely Roses: A World of Floral Wonders

Venture into our realm, where creativity blooms and every bouquet is a work of heart. From the classic to the avant-garde, our catalog is a garden of possibilities. Whether it's roses that span the spectrum, whimsical anemones, or the understated elegance of boxed blooms, each arrangement is a testament to your unique sentiments.

Not just a florist, Lovely Roses is a greenhouse of growth and beauty, offering verdant companions like the air-purifying Sansevieria or the graceful Spathiphyllum. Every plant, every petal is selected with care, ready to root in your homes and flourish in your lives.

Embark on a floral odyssey with us—where each stem is a verse, each bouquet a ballad to the moments we cherish and the people we hold dear.

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