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Here Are 5 Writing Apps That Will Blow 💥Your Mind 🧠

The internet has many fantastic writing applications. These apps can help you create excellent blog posts, social media posts, and web copy.

There are applications that can provide you with a distraction-free workspace, give SEO writing tips, check grammar and spelling, and help with macro and micro editing.

It's okay to use basic writing software. But to further develop your writing skills, use the apps in this post. These applications were selected because of their unique features and inexpensive monthly subscriptions.

These mind-blowing writing tools have helped me create blog posts and edit websites. They will help you produce marvellous content. If you're ready to produce great work, apps such as AirstoryTextmetricsProWritingAidStoryChief, and Write, will help you achieve your goals.


Airstory has an incredible history. Copywriters Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones created this powerful application. Wiebe and Jones are the creators of the website — a popular site that publishes wonderful articles about copywriting. The team created Airstory as an alternative to using Microsoft Word (Word) and Google Docs (Docs).

This app has features that surpass Word and Docs. Airstory features the ability to create writing templates, image and note libraries, and collaborate with teams instantly.

So who should use Airstory? Everyone that writes. This app is great for copywriters, bloggers, journalists, students, and researchers.

👍 What I Like:

  • Chrome extension is great for saving notes and images
  • Comes at an affordable monthly subscription
  • Outliner makes it easy to move paragraphs
  • Works with EvernoteGoogle Drive, and WordPress

👎What I Don't Like:

  • Writers can't place videos on their content
  • Doesn't have a desktop application


power comes from its integrations. The app can help any blogger create, share, and publish fantastic content across various channels.

This writing tool includes over 30 integrations with platforms like Medium, BloggerFacebookWord PressLinkedInTwitter, and Instagram. The StoryChief team grows its list of integrations every month.

Besides its list of growing integrations, StoryChief has two superb features. It has a tool that can give you SEO writing tips while you write your next blog post... and an image finder that can help you discover the right photos for your post.

👍 What I Like:

  • Has a detailed public road map
  • Includes a phenomenal content calendar
  • Photo finder gives access to plenty of images
  • Can publish social media posts

👎What I Don't Like:

  • No mobile apps for Android or IOS devices


Textmetrics will boost your writing. This writing app will help you create content for your website that will have a high ranking on Google search engines.

This SEO tool will give you information on your content such as its readability, text accuracy, target audience, layout, and sentiment. For improving SEO, Textmetrics will let you know how to improve your page title, page description, body text, and headings.

👍 What I Like:

  • Has an add-on for Word and Google Chrome
  • Gives accurate SEO writing tips
  • Performs keyword analysis
  • Great for writers, bloggers, and SEO specialists

👎What I Don't Like:

  • Makes writers pay for feature upgrades
  • Has limited text formatting options


is the best grammar application. This grammar checker can look for flaws beyond grammar and punctuation. The app can check your content for poor spelling, sentence length, readability, overused words, tautologies, and other writing errors.

Although it’s mostly used as a grammar checker, ProWritingAid's online writing software is great for writing blog posts. With the online application, you can create an unlimited amount of content with the least amount of mistakes.

👍 What I Like:

  • Gives its users unlimited cloud storage
  • Provides highly detailed correction suggestions
  • Has a lifetime deal for $319

👎What I Don't Like:

  • Lacks a distraction-free workspace


Write will help you polish your content to perfection. This desktop application is better than Word because of its adaptive focus mode.

The focus mode helps writers and editors concentrate. It helps them focus on individual paragraphs and sentences to do macro and micro edits. ​​​Ultimately, training writers to inspect their work with more attention to detail.

👍 What I Like:

  • Has many formatting tools
  • Can publish content on Blogger and Medium
  • A one time purchase is a lifetime subscription

👎What I Don't Like:

  • Only gives its users two application integrations
  • It's strictly a desktop writing software

Want more information on writing apps? If you crave more info on the best writing apps, I suggest you read t In this article, you’ll learn about apps that have helped writers increase their creativity and boost their productivity.

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