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What are the Cloud Governance Best Practices?

Are you going to junk a legacy model to adopt the cloud? It does make sense, given the benefits of the cloud native environment.


Define Your Cloud Computing Strategy 

Before embarking on a cloud computing journey, it is important to define your cloud computing strategy. This strategy should outline your goals and objectives for cloud computing, as well as the resources that you will need to achieve these goals. It should also outline your policies and procedures for managing cloud computing resources, including security, privacy, and data management.

  • Outline Goals and Objectives: The first step in defining your cloud computing strategy is to outline your goals and objectives for using cloud computing. This may include cost savings, increased agility, and improved scalability. 
  • Assess Resource Requirements: Once you have defined your goals and objectives, you need to assess your resource requirements. This includes identifying the type of cloud computing environment that you need, such as public, private, or hybrid, and the resources that you will need to implement and manage your cloud computing environment. 

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