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How to Fix Rand McNally Dock Not Working Issue

This quick guide on how to fix Rand McNally Dock not working issue. For more information feel free to visit our website.


When the destination is unknown, most people will rely on a GPS system to get from one place to another. There are some excellent GPS systems on the market today, including Rand McNally's GPS system.

In short, Rand McNally offers features that some GPS devices do not. As compared to other devices, this device has a wealth of features. You need to follow the Rand McNally Map update process if you want to ensure that your device runs correctly in the future.

By updating your device, you will ensure that it is working correctly without any problems. Another issue is when the update does not work or does not install. You need the Rand McNally dock software to update the device. However, Installing updates on your system will take place through the dock. 

Alternatively, some docking issues may also be the cause of Rand McNally Dock Not Working.

It will also affect the GPS and the map updates when you face such an issue.

Here, we will discuss steps to resolve the issue of the Rand McNally docks not working today.

To begin, let us examine the real reasons for Rand McNally's software not working:

You may be facing this issue for several reasons. A common cause of this problem could be the presence of Malware or improperly installed software.

Other Possible Causes: 

You may face this problem with the following solutions:

Windows Error:

You may encounter this issue while installing Rand McNally dock software. Whenever there is an unexpected error, it will fail.


Another main reason why the Rand McNally dock does not work is the virus attack. You might have viruses, Trojans, Malware, etc. on your system. 

The best way to remove it is to use a Trojan remover or another antivirus program.  Occasionally, your system will not be able to run the software as well. 

Freezing Of a PC or Laptop:

Whenever the computer freezes or hangs, the entire program stops or ceases to work. The Rand McNally Dock will become unresponsive in those cases, resulting in this error.

How To Fix If Rand McNally Dock Is Not Working?

Here are the steps we can take to resolve the Rand McNally dock issue:

You should download the Rand McNally dock repair tool when you are going to resolve this issue.

  • Immediately after downloading the software, you must install it.

  • Plug the Rand McNally device into your vehicle's system. 

  • Next, make sure that the USB cord is properly connected to your PC or laptop.

  • Lastly, wait for some time and see the software running in your system. 

  • You will notice that the software detects Rand McNally's issues over time.

  • Once the process is complete, you can close and reopen the software.

  • Consequently, you will notice not only that it will work perfectly, but that it will also enhance the performance of the system.

  • Furthermore, your system will run faster as well as work smoothly.

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