Visual Blueprint

A visual summary of handling flux


No. 1

Growth happens past the point of discomfort. The faster you can reach this point, the faster you can turn something initially negative to eventually positive.

No. 2

Change is always uncomfortable, no matter how experienced you are. Don’t be discouraged if the initial shock is painful. It’s the default state.

No. 3

Real progress rarely feels consistent. Sometimes it feels like moving forwards and other times backwards. The variation is a leading sign of actual progress. 

No. 4

Perceptions affect actions, and actions create outcomes. Give yourself the benefit of having a positive perception so that you can create positive outcomes. 

No. 5

Converting change into a positive outcome takes energy. Actively do things that give you energy so you can keep going. You’re more likely to give up when you’re tired.

No. 6

Go a little longer than you want to once you’re uncomfortable. Prematurely quitting robs you of valuable insight that could help you later on.

No. 7

Quitting for the right reasons is valuable. It gives you the option to escape from something less in order to pursue something better.

No. 8

Completing something hard gives you fortitude. Fortitude downgrades the difficulty level of challenges. The next time you’re faced with something just as difficult, it will be easier.

No. 9

Growth requires trying, and trying means that temporary failure is inevitable. No one is succeeds on every try.

No. 10

Failing requires an upfront investment of confidence in exchange for potential future return. Invests accordingly, but don’t bet the whole pot at once.

No. 11

Every failure is both a present cost and a future success. How you net out depends on your willingness to keep trying. 

No. 12

Find something that you’re proud of despite failing. This is the seed of success - a hard-earned asset that can’t be bought. Use it to try again.

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