Overview of AI Features


AI Features Available:

Right Click AI Features: "AI" + "GPT 3"

Left Menu: Compose, Longform, Frameworks, Templates


When to use which feature?

  • Right Click AI Features - useful for all situations. Can be used to expand upon text in a more targeted way by selecting the text you want. Can also be used with custom templates.

  • Compose - when you want to jump start your writing process by having AI write an entire article for you so that you can use it as a base and build upon it. However, we don't have full control over the headings it suggests as of right now, so if you don't like the heading options it presents, then don't bother using it since there's no point of having it generate an article you won't be using anyways.

  • Longform - when you want to spam the "write" button to have the AI quickly write out multiple paragraphs to help fill in your article. From my testing, Longform produces the best results when there is already some context written already for the AI to gather clues from. I personally like having at least a Title, intro paragraph, and 1st section heading written).

  • Frameworks - shortform content templates like AIDA. blog outline, intro, ads, product descriptions, etc. Pre-built ones are still being refined for better output. I like using mu own custom Frameworks instead for better results.

  • Custom Templates - predecessor to custom Frameworks. Can convert templates into Frameworks easily, but Templates allows for longer output currently. Used with the right click AI features.

TIP: The side bar that pops up on the right when using the left menu AI features is adjustable in width. Just drag the side bar to the right or left to make it as wide or narrow as you need

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