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How To Fix The Issue Of Alexa Red Ring of Death


The Amazon Echo is going to make it very easy for troubleshooting the device with the help of the light rings. You can easily identify the potential issues that you might have been facing. When you see the Alexa red ring, then it could be the situation that is probably the worst.

The red light can mean different things that you will not be able to understand. This is because it could be the first time that you might have been witnessing this issue. Alexa is a great device and it will respond to all of your commands.

If you see that you are facing an issue such as the Alexa red ring, then you can follow the troubleshooting steps that we are about to discuss.

What does the Alexa Red ring mean?

Alexa sometimes is not able to handle all the commands at once. Also, this is a microphone feature that might be turned off. This feature can be found on the top of the device. Press the microphone button for no more than 2 seconds.

After doing this, you might not see the issue again. But if you are still seeing the issue again, then follow the steps that have been mentioned below:

Restart your device:

Well, this can be called the most basic step in order to resolve the issue. Press the power button on the Alexa power device until you see the blue light ring and then leave it. 

It will take some time in order to restart. After the restart, try to give it a command and see if you are able to resolve the issue or not. 

If you are still seeing the issue, then follow the steps mentioned below. 

Place the device at the right location:

There are times when the Alexa red ring of death is caused as a result of when the device is placed at the location where it is just impossible to get the Wi-Fi signals or listen to the command. 

When that happens try and resolve the issue with the help of changing the location of the device. This might help you to eliminate the issue. 

If you are still not able to resolve the issue, then you get in touch with our experts. They are experienced and will provide you with the best solutions!

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