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Publishing a Toolkit

How to publish and sell a toolkit

How to create a toolkit

A toolkit is a list of tools or resources that is useful in accomplishing a specific task. The best way to start is to identify an area that would benefit from a toolkit. Areas that have too many tools are great candidates. When there are too many tools, it's often hard to find the ones that can be most useful. This is where a toolkit can be extremely valuable.

When creating your toolkit, it's best to include a few pieces of material about each tool. Some possible features include:

  • what the tool is priced at
  • what the tool is best at
  • what features the tool includes
  • how to use it for the specific problem
  • why you like it

How to publish your toolkit

  1. Create an article for each tool
    • In each article describe the tool's features
  2. Add paywalls to certain pages
    • Offer a sample for free, but then paywall the rest
  3. Add surveys to collect feedback for more tools
    • Allow your audience to help you improve the collection
  4. Share your work on social platforms
    • Share your work on social platforms or wherever you have an audience.

How to sell your toolkit

  1. Sell new pieces incrementally
    • Continue the incremental publishing method, but sell select pieces as paid.
    • Consider alternating between free and paid articles to moderate between demand and sales.
  2. Add paid content to popular old pieces
    • If some of your articles did particulary well, you can add to them and include a paywall where you want paid access to begin.

Running a promotion

You can also run promotions to drive sales. Here's a few ideas:

  1. Early supporters
    • Offer early supporters a discount.
  2. Limited amount
    • Offer a discount but with a limited supply. Run campaigns announcing the number remaining for your audience as it declines.
  3. Limited time
    • Offer a discount but with a limited time. Run campaigns as time decreases.

Get started on Lumenful

Lumenful offers the following publishing capabilities for toolkits:

  • create a branded space specifically for your work
  • analytics on how readers interacted with each piece
  • advanced access controls to help you get paid for your work
  • super simple login, sign up, and checkout for your readers

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